28 years of renovation experience supporting Barrhead and surrounding areas of Alberta

We specialize in interior and exterior work of residential buildings.

We’ll fulfill your specific needs and desires with our gained knowledge and experience.

Commitment to doing quality work with integrity is one of our most important assets.

We make sure we understand “You our customer”

Free consultation about your project

We’ll do the general contracting for you

  • Hire and oversee other contractors
  • Make sure the project is done right.

When we work for you on an hourly basis you,

  • Save money
  • Can change, add or subtract work with no consequences.

New Handyman services available

We believe our customer knows what they want and we can help them to make it happen.

Were located on the north side of Lac La Nonne in the County of Barrhead.

1-5 employees that work Monday to Friday, 8 - 10 hours per day.